Our Vision

Meteorite Boys Clothing Co. represents more than just a clothing company. We represent the desire to travel, the will to explore, and the passion for adventure. We strive to influence you to pursue something out of this world and to achieve greatness, promoting that you alone dictate how to live your life.
When you rep our gear we hope that you remember that Meteorite Boys is more than just a brand, it's a lifestyle. What makes us special is that we recognize life is just one big adventure that you always need to be prepared for, so why not wear gear that fuses function and style?
We caught the travel bug years ago and realized that clothing is not well designed for travel. For us adventurers, clothing should be made differently and that's what we have set out to do. Our goal is to create apparel that is appropriate for multiple environments such as heading to the beach, that long airport layover, or even at that tapas restaurant you visit while traveling abroad.
Everyone has their own unique path and our goal is for our products to prepare you for all of your own adventures in life knowing that when you are on your quest to tackle your dreams you need gear as tough and unique as you are.
We only use material that can endure the wear and tear of your adventures. Our fabrics are soft, sustainable, and comfortable, but also resistant. Put them to the test! We stand by our quality and encourage you to get outside every chance you get.