The Roots Run Deep

Like many, our story started out small and without much direction. Nevertheless, it is the beginning we are proud of, one that shaped us, and created a mindset that we intend to live by for the rest of our lives.

As a company we are prideful in our message, morals and transparency and they stem from our beginning. We hope that you understand the origins and the reasoning for our name. That "boys" is not a term to be exclusive but simply the roots of our growing tree.

Our story began in a small coffee shop that was created by students for students at Colorado Mesa University. A simple quiet night in the shop lead to a conversation about future plans between two co-workers. We came up with an idea to go on an epic road trip through the southwest part of the United States. 

(While browsing around our site you may have noticed the large coordinates at the bottom of every page. This is the exact coordinates of where the idea of Meteorite Boys came to existence.)

From the road trip idea sparked a plan of execution, sponsorship and a way to represent what we stood for. As we built our perfect road trip we gained support from a few businesses and family to complete it. 

We felt that we needed a name that would identify us along our journey. It took weeks and then it hit. Yes you guessed it, Meteorite Boys, had officially been named!

Meteorite- represents living beyond the limits of society and expectations: to explore the spaces beyond your comfort zones and experience life to the fullest.

Boys- We tossed around a few different ideas but settled with Boys because in a way we are all children. We live in a way that creates new opportunities and experiences. The ability to continue to learn, develop skills to grow and achieve the most out of our lives. We found that children have these never ending imaginations and visions. They are playful and curious. We would hate to lose our inner child and limit our experiences due to certain mindsets.

With a successful road trip and a burning desire to improve and challenge our lives, we agreed to create a business that embodied our beliefs and ideas for a way to live life. We understand that everyone has their own idea of what living is, there is no one right way (It is awesome!). However, we believe that there has been a ceiling placed on life by society: a ceiling built out of expectations, standards and common path ways. As modern culture develops these ceilings are being diminished. Our goal is to continue to diminish the ceilings. We want to show people, old and young, that there is no perfect path. Going to college, getting a job and growing a family doesn't have to be the norm (if you don't want). Taking time to enjoy your life, to travel, to explore, to let your inner child continue to be curious can be just as fulfilling.

In regards to the Boys in the name we understand that this might make people feel not included and deter them from joining us on our journey. Our hopes are that everyone will stay open minded and understand it is the roots behind our business. That in the end of the day our entire team (we have men and women on the team), our customers, our supporters are all on the Meteorite Team. 

However, if that still doesn't win you over. Check back in a few months as we are in the process of building a Meteorite Woman's line to have more customized travel, hiking and causal wear designed for women. 

~ Meteorite Team